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  • Manufacturer: KORNFEIL
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This production line is designed for bread Baguettes or breads with a weight ranging between 250-450 g weight, designated the line is provided with various modifications according to the specific requirements of customers and their load specifications

The process of the production of intermediates division, rest forming, cutting, cutting, cooking is fully automated.

Our lines are provided for capacity ranging from 1200 to 5200 pieces/hour. One person is required to operate the entire line.


The division will be by divider totalizing piston (comparable to existing system) which is much less stressful for the dough as the system to drawer which compresses before dividing.

The choice of the 125 mm piston diameter was made to cover a range of weights ranging from about 100 gr to 1100 gr.

For a better ergonomics of workstation we have recommended the following options

digital meter of the dough programmable: automatic stop when the requested amount is reached (allows to divide several ranges of weight in the same Petrie

carpet with independent motorization and stop pulse for evacuation of the last dot

Adjustment of the weight on table command (and always manual by the wheel of adjustment

Given the intensive use of lubrication system (food oil) is forced with filtering and recycling.

N.B.: To obtain a good regularity of the weight it is imperative to control the pulp that is to stabilize the density of the pulp during the division. Can point the pulp before the division, but once in the hopper the divide without waiting and before that it will "start" (that the yeast will do dough to rise).

Any sensitive variation of density (due for example to excessive in laboratory temperature or an overdose of yeast etc.) will automatically weight variations that can be attributed to a malfunctioning of the machine.

PRE ALLONGATE : formatting without Stress

The purpose of this line is the lengthening of the dough without phenomenon of "tear" with the least possible stress for pulp.

This elongated obtaining depends greatly on the form of the dot that is inserted in the thermoforming is why KORNFEIL has developed the system MF2S ® (third form without Stress)

It allows lengthen the dot right out of the divider and before the rest in unoccupied.

The resulting shape is more consistent with the final result (unlike the ball which is a completely paradoxical form with longer and more provides much too much force to the dough).

Fibres being in the right direction can easily extend the dough while greatly reducing mechanical stress exerted by the yarder. Hence a better respect of the pulp and curbing degassing.

(3) REST -

Our intermediates proofer are of static type that is the dot once filed in his pocket remains for the duration of the rest to arrive at the shaping in optimal conditions (unlike rooms dynamic where the dot changes Pocket 6 or 7 times by the brutal falls of about 50 cm before being shaped.) Resulting in increased stress to the dough and does not facilitate the elongated in the thermoforming. They have the following characteristics:

-Stainless steel tube 50/50 Stainless structure welded: stress-resistant chassis (gage reliability and longevity), expandable to adapt to your developments and mobile (can be moved without risk with its wheels.)

-Individual pockets in Nyltex ® for dough up to 900 gr: Unlike the gutters felt they are removable and washable with water. They limit the formation of mold using not moisture. They prevent the formation of double well between each dot. -< br > < br / > -Charger-dispatcher v: this system comes with the pre dough elongate to well Center them in the pockets and avoid a sharp fall. This loader is visible and accessible.

variable flow control: chalking of the pockets of a carrier prior to the loading of the pieces of dough. Its dimmer to adjust the colour at the rate of hydration of the pulp with a very fine tuning.

-Treatment of pockets tunnel: germicidal UV lamps and drying fans

-Air Extractor


A fiftieth tradition in shaping is the last born KORNFEIL factory

. It has been designed to meet the new needs of the industrial Panifications: in order to withstand extensive use (up to 24/7 and 5200 pieces per hour) while respecting the dough and baking tradition.

Which among other carpet of elongated upper and lower long wide, motor and more independent the Moulders KORNFEIL offers the ideal compromise.

Indeed it is possible to stop the lower mat to reproduce the tasteless of the manual fixed table shaping (the dot is less heated because it's less turns on him even).

Position "Growing more" two carpets spin to the contrary, it greatly increases the ability to elongate (this is particularly well suited for long rods and those who will be cut to small breads: half, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, 1/6 of chopsticks).

Position "Lengthens less" two carpets rotate in the same sense to shape bread more short (the lower mat is then transformed into conveyor).

The carpet of food, located at the same height as the rollers, this can well parallel to the rolls long meadow without any fall and therefore without any risk that the dot put through ensuring a greater regularity of forming ("tire caps" step).

Assisted by electrical actuator commands to find good settings without effort.

The distributor of flour on the entire width of the thermoforming is placed between the winding of the volute and the first longer. Adjustable flow by a variable speed control, to adapt the colour depending on the nature of the pulp.

ThermoRoll continuous tunnel ovens

ThermoRoll baking ovens are modern continuous thermal oil conveyor ovens with programme control and operation of all functions.

They are designed to meet the needs of mid-sized and large bakeries for high-performance baking of large batches of primarily white bakery products such as rolls, Kaiser rolls, buns, French bread, and pan bread.

ThermoRoll is available in single or double-deck models, to save space, usually combined with a fully automated continuous shaping line. The entire line is fully automated and programme controlled.

Standard features of ThermoRoll ovens • radiant-heat baking for continual production of bakery products

• ideal heat distribution and its precise regulation down to 1°C

• easy switching between various bakery products

• economical operation – low input energy consumption thanks to the thermo-oil system of energy transfer

• Efficient utilization of input energy

• Precise regulation of the steam pressure and the upper and lower baking intensity

Radiant-heat baking for continual production of bakery products

Ideal heat distribution and its precise regulation down to 1°C

Easy switching between various bakery products

Economical operation – low input energy consumption thanks to the thermo-oil system of energy transfer

Efficient utilization of input energy

Precise regulation of the steam pressure and the upper and lower baking intensity

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  • Manufacturer: KORNFEIL


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