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The Variant Cyclothermic deck oven

The Variant Cyclothermic deck oven
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  • Manufacturer: KORNFEIL
  • Model: Deck Oven Cyclothermic VARIANT
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The Variant Cyclothermic deck oven

will find its place in every modern bakery and is a prerequisite to producing quality, porous, long-lasting bread.

Accumulated heat on the ceramic baking plate can raise even very spongy dough to larger volumes. It functions on a cyclothermical principle and the baking process proceeds thanks to heat radiation with inner microcirculation.

Advantages of the Variant deck oven

Produces quality bread

Universal usage

Baking with heat radiation Large assortment of sizes and comfortable controls

VARIANT Cyclothermic deck ovens

These ovens operate on the principal of hot air

circulating under the baking panels hermetically separated from the baking area. With the circulation,

the deck is heated both from top and bottom through the baking panel. The ovens feature

good thermal flexibility and ensure an optimal temperature curve essential for high-quality baking of rye-wheat and wheat bread.

Cyclothermic deck ovens use natural gas or thermal oil as the heat carrier

constitute an essential factor in baking high quality bread with extended

durability. Radiant heat accumulated in the ceramic baking panel is able to raise even very loose dough into a large volume.

They are popular in particular for their versatility, with a baking area ranging between 8 and 31 m2, affording wide range of ovens for all bakers

KORNFEIL bakery ovens guarantee high productivity while preserving the distinct features of handmade bread and other bakery products.

The ovens are distinguished by high baking performance, optimal uniform baking, and by their capacity to save energy, space, and costs.

Number of decks 4 to 7 deck Baking Area 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26 m2

Width of baking area 1200, 1800 mm

Depth of baking area 1600, 2000, 2400 mm

Temperature circuits one / two-circuited

Deck height 160, 200, 230 mm

Oven height 2340 - 3140 mm

Oven width 1950 - 2580 mm

Oven depth 2810 - 3210 mm

Source of energy natural gas, oil

Control panels H1 - H4

Max baking temperature 350 °C

Product Information

  • Manufacturer: KORNFEIL
  • Model: Deck Oven Cyclothermic VARIANT


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